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  • Cream

    Solera 1847 (Gonzalez byas)
  • Palo Cortao



  • Fino de Rama


    González Byas

The pretty cup
The pretty cup



Two glasses of wine forming the pretty heart
Two glasses of wine forming the pretty heart

D.O. Ribera del Duero 

  • Vetusta

    🍷 3,5€ / 🍾 18€

    Tasting: In the visual phase, the wine exhibits some violet tones showing youth, with red ribbons that tell us about the maturation in the barrel. En is a fruity wine, easy to drink, with all the flavor of red fruit and mineral notes. On the palate it is soft and elegant with a very good balance between acidity and tannins. The wine presents the typicity and freshness of the terroir.

    • Varieties: Tempranillo
    • Aging : Oak.
    • Country: Spain
    • Region: Castilla y León
    • Winery: Vetusta
    • Volume: 75 cl.
    • Alcohol content: 14%
    • Consumption: Optimum temperature 13oC to 15oC.

  • Diaz Bayo (15 months)


    High robe cherry color with a purple rim on the nose, ripe black fruits, balsamic and spicy touches, combined with notes of cocoa and licorice. Fruit and barrel are perfectly integrated. Tasty on the palate, long and with a very pleasant mid palate. Good acidity, which provides freshness and elegance.

    • Varieties: 100% Tinta del País. Manual harvest.
    • Aging : 15 months in American and French oak barrels.
    • Country: Spain
    • Winery: Diaz Bayo
    • Volume: 75 cl.
    • Alcohol content: 14%

  • Pagos D Anguix


    Mirror of a unique terroir.
    In the Pagos de Anguix property, located at more than 800 meters above sea level, right in the heart of the Ribera de Duero, this magnificent wine is made exclusively from the Tinto Fino variety. Patience and wisdom are enough to make this noble varietal express the true richness of this unique terroir.

    • Varieties: Tempranillo
    • Winery: Juvé Camps
    • D.O: Ribera del Duero
    • Origin: Anguix (Burgos Spain
    • Aging: 12 months
    • Type: Red
  • A Alto 2020


    100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) mostly from very old vines – ages between 40 and 80 years old – from vineyards in nine different municipalities of the Burgos riverbank and the Valladolid riverbank. The harvest is done by hand, in small boxes of 15 kilos that we carefully inspect, bunch by bunch, on the selection table..

    • Aging in barrels: 18 months in French and American oak barrels
    • Rated by the Council Regulator: Excellent
    • Bottling: July 2022
    • Alcohol degree: 14.5% vol.
  • Aalto Ps


    Aalto PS (Selected Payments) is Aalto’s most exceptional wine. It is made only in the years in which the quality of the harvest is of the highest level. It arises from a double selection of grapes from small payments or individual hawthorns. A collector’s riverside red that is only offered in 7 or 8 vintages during each decade. Its previous vintage obtained 95 Parker points.

    • The cellar: Aalto.
    • Vintage: 2019
    • Grade: 15% vol.
    • Variety: 100% Tempranillo.

D.O. Tierra de Cádiz

  • Quadis Joven 2021

    🍷 3,5€ / 🍾 18€

    Quadis, derived from the old name of the city Qadis (Cádiz), gives its name to this red that is as Andalusian as the land where it was born. In this way, Barbadillo pays homage to one of the most important historical enclaves in a wine with the same name and greatness. Made from Merlot, Petit Verdot, Graciano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, it seduces with its intense and bright color and intoxicates with the aroma of black fruits. In the mouth it captivates with its pleasant entrance and its persistence.

    • The winery: Bodegas Barbadillo
    • D.O: PGI Cádiz.
    • Subzone: Jerez Superior.
    • Type: Young Red.
    • Vintage: 2021
    • Grade: 14.5% vol.
    • Production:: 24,506 bottles
    • Variety: Merlot, Petit verdot, Graciano, Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah.

  • Taberner


    A revelation in the glass that shows the existence of the southern “terroir”, in which the conditions of the soil and the climate come together to give this wine its own personality. Complex and elegant.

    • Grape: 100% Syrah
    • Time in barrel: 18 months, in Allier French oak.
    • Alcohol content: 15

  • Taberner Nº1


    Wine of exquisite complexity, subtlety and finesse. In the winery, both the clusters and the berries are selected. The fermentation takes place in wooden vats and pumps are not used for pumping over, to extract the color it is “punched” every two hours for 15 days. This wine has not been subjected to any filtration method. Tasty and spicy wine with a clear influence of the Syrah grape.

    • Grape: Syrah and Merlot.
    • Time in barrel: 24 months, in Allier French oak.
    • Alcohol content: 15.5°

D.O. Rioja

  • Ramon Bilbao (edición limitada)


    Intense ruby red color with garnet reflections. Clean and bright. With the presence of tears when turning the glass. Clean and frank, with high intensity. Predominance of black fruit (currant, plum, blackberry), liquorice, herbal aromas and wood. The passage through the barrel provides noble wood, spicy spices and cocoa.

    • Grape variety:: 100% Tempranillo.
    • Graduation: 14.0%
    • Volume: 75 Cl..
    • Vintage: 2018

  • La Nieta


    Delicate, subtle, very fine and complex with a Burgundian character, extremely elegant. A first class wine. Purple black. Fine on the nose, it displays aromas of ripe red fruit, flowers, noble woods, spices. On the palate it is voluminous, intense, broad, with structure and outstanding balance.

    • Varieties: 100% Tempranillo.
    • Vineyard: 100% Tempranillo 18 months.
    • Year of planting: 1975
    • Service temperature: 16-18 °C

D.O. La Mancha y Alicante

  • Pago de Florentino


    This estate wine is made with the Cencibel grape from Finca La Solana and is Bodegas Arzuaga’s commitment to the uniqueness of these lands of La Mancha. A very fruity wine with hints of forest fruits and balsamic and incense notes, with a silky, pleasant, intense and long mid-palate. Ideal to accompany rice dishes, white meats, appetizers and chocolate desserts

    • Type: Crianza Red
    • Vintage: 2018
    • Grade: 13.9% vol.
    • Production: 220,000 bottles
    • Variety: 100% Cencibel

  • Volver Cuvée


    Back Cuvée Old Vines is a wine created with a selection of the best grape clusters from Finca los Juncares, vineyards owned by Bodegas Volver. It is a red with a high level of quality, extraordinary and complex. In its coupage, the Tempranillo variety predominates accompanied by Cabernet Sauvignon. When tasting it, notes of chocolate, smoked and sweet spices are perceived and a passage through the mouth where there is a lot of candied fruit my candied route and a long finish. In short, one of those IGP Castilla red wines that should be present in any wine cellar.

    • Alcohol content: 15%
    • Aging 20 months in French oak barrels
    • Bottle 75 cl.
    • Varieties: Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.
    • Contains sulphites.

  • Triga


    Vegan Crianza red wine. Triga is a red wine from the D.O. Alicante produced by Bodegas Volver located in the town of Pinoso, a town in Alicante with a great wine tradition. It was founded in 2004 by Rafael Cañizares, a winemaker with a great reputation in the La Mancha area, and Jorge Ordoñez, a renowned importer of Spanish wines. All its vineyards are planted in glass so that agriculture is carried out in an artisanal way and not mechanized.

    • Time in barrel: 20 months in French oak barrels.
    • Alcohol: 15.50%.
    • Winery: Back
    • Type of Grape: 85% Monastrell, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.
    • Contains sulphites.



Illustration Pretty Boy with Glass and Bottle of Wine
Illustration Pretty Boy with Glass and Bottle of Wine

D.O. Tierra de Cádiz

  • Tarantelo

    🍷 3,5€ / 🍾 18€

    Tarantelo is a white wine from Cádiz, very fruity and aromatic, made with Chardonnay grapes chosen from the vineyard itself. It is a very gastronomic wine, ideal for drinking and pairs perfectly with fish in general and with many cuts of bluefin tuna such as tarantello or ventresca, due to its balanced acidity.

    • Type: White wine
    • Format: 75 cl.
    • Vintage: 2022
    • Alcohol content: 12.5% Vol.
    • Varieties: Chardonnay

  • Fragancia Frizzante 5.5 Moscatel

    🍷 3,5€ / 🍾 18€

    Finca Constancia is located in the municipality of Otero, province of Toledo, and was acquired by González Byass in the year 2000. After a meticulous study of the characteristics of the soil and the weather, the vineyard with the national and international grape varieties that best suited the characteristics of the area. In February 2005, construction began on the new winery, which opened its doors on May 23, 2006.

    • Type: White wine
    • Region:Castilla (Spain).
    • Winery: Finca Constancia
    • Alcohol content: 5.5% Vol.
    • Varieties:100% small grain Muscatel
    • Allergens: Contains sulphites.

D.O. Rueda

  • Las Niñas

    🍷 3,5€ / 🍾 18€

    100% Verdejo grape from clay-sandy soil. Aromas of wild white flowers and stone fruits with herbaceous touches. On the palate it is long, unctuous, with a balanced acidity and a final bitterness characteristic of the variety.

  • José Pariente


    The flagship wine of the house is made with grapes from vineyards owned by the family and from old vines of small winegrowers. It is the freshest and most elegant affirmation of his pampered Verdejo. A white, in short, friendly and persistent, with a lot of volume and marked by the elegance appreciated on the nose that is repeated in the mouth.

    • Wineries: José Pariente.
    • Type: White
    • Vintage: 2021
    • Grade: 13% vol.
    • Variety: 100% Verdejo.

  • Ossian


    After the acquisition of Ossian by the Ruiz Aragoneses family, also owner of Pago de Carraovejas, this winery and its wines have recently opened a new page in its history. Of course, for the elaboration of this monovarietal, pre-phylloxera vines are still used, some of which are from the oldest Verdejo strains in our country, a whole wine heritage that is also cultivated under the principles of organic farming. A tasty, unctuous white that remains in the memory.

    • The winery: Ossian Vides y Vinos.
    • Type: White Fermented in Barrel.
    • Grade: 14% vol.
    • Variety: 100% Verdejo
    • Certifications: EU Organic Bio

D.O.Rías Baixas

  • Terras Gauda


    It is the benchmark wine of the winery, with which it all began. Terras Gauda is the irrefutable demonstration that the noble Albariño mixed with the Loureiro and the unusual white Caiño delivers one of the most gastronomic and pleasant versions of the cheerful whites from Rías Baixas. Vintage after vintage does not sacrifice an iota of quality despite its large volumes..

    • The winery: Terras Gauda
    • Subzone: O Rosal.
    • Type: White.
    • Vintage: 2021
    • Grade: 12.5% vol.
    • Variety: Albariño, Caiño Blanco, Loureiro.

D.O. Valdeorras

  • O Luar do Sil sobre lías


    Give a floor to the godello vines, to the geology of the granite, to the fullness of sensations. This is our vision, which we achieve with careful elaboration on the lees: that the wine’s own material provides balance and floral complexity, that it models a fine and vigorous structure, a stimulating delicacy.

    The wine pays homage to its landscape, airs of clean fruit that caress the mineral cold. Taking us along small paths among white flowers, Godello Sobre Lías reveals light, truth and life.

    • The winery: Pago de los Chaplains .
    • D.O.: Valdeorras.
    • Subzone: Galicia
    • Type: Crianza white.
    • Vintage: 2021
    • Grade: 13.5% vol.
    • Variety: Godello.
  • As Sortes


    Wine made by Rafael Palacios, monovarietal Godello from 4.8 hectares of low-yielding 35–90-year-old vines, planted on granite soils on hillside terraces at an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level in the Bibei valley. Fermentation in 500-liter French oak Fudres where it is aged for 8 months in contact with its fine lees.

    • The winery: Rafael Palacios .
    • D.O.: Valdeorras.
    • Subzone: Galicia
    • Type: Crianza white.
    • Vintage: 2021
    • Grade: 14.5% vol.
    • Variety: Godello.



Illustration pretty grapes and wine glasses
Illustration pretty grapes and wine glasses

 D.O. Rioja

  • Muga Rosado

    🍷 3.5€ / 🍾 18€

    Muga Rosado 2019 is a fresh rosé wine with intense aromas of stone fruit, citrus and red fruit under a background of dried fruit. On the palate it is silky, light and very balanced. … On the palate it is a fresh, sweet, intense wine. Smooth on the palate, with good acidity.



Illustration The pretty girl at night
Illustration The pretty girl at night


  • Gran Juve & Camps Brut Gran Reserva 2015


    It is an estate cava made only in exceptional vintages. Coupage of four white grape varieties (Macabeo, Xarello, Parallada and Chardonay). It stands out for its penetrating and complex aromas.
    After 42 months in stacks, it continues to retain great freshness in which fruity and floral notes can be distinguished. In the mouth it is intense and suggestive, with an effervescence that gently caresses the palate and shows all the creaminess of the foam. For the first time it has an official ecological certificate.


  • Ruinart Brut


    Golden yellow, very bright. Fine and persistent bubbles bordering the surface. It is very delicate on the nose with a good intensity, its freshness and the predominance of fruit aromas (pears) stand out. The encounter in the mouth is balanced

  • Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rose Brut


    Nose: Frank and very fresh. Wide range of small red fruits: strawberry, currant, raspberry and black cherry. Its extraordinary freshness is the dominant sensation. … You have the feeling of immersing yourself in a basket of fresh red fruits: strawberry, raspberry and cherry plum.

  • Ruinart Rosé


    It is a profiled sparkling wine with subtle aromas of red fruits and herbaceous notes. On the palate it is soft, fresh and very elegant. A champagne with a well-integrated bubble, delicious fruity and floral notes and a very pleasant finish of freshly cut mint.

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